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Listening Party: Borrowed Future Ep. 1

Wow, just wow.  Did you get a chance to hear the new show from Ramsey Solutions called Borrowed Future?  The link to the podcast is posted below, and you have to carve out time this afternoon to listen when you decide NOT to borrow for college, everything changes.  Step 1: Homeschool for College Credit.

It’s a listening party!  I’m tuning in, you should tune in too. Let’s talk about how your teen can work Dave’s plan and get your teen through college debt-free.  

Step 1

Homeschool for College Credit

Do NOT send your teen to college on Day 1 with 120 credits to pay for.  A bachelor’s degree “costs” 120 college credits.  That means, there are 120 credits in front of every person who starts a college degree and their finish line.  Half the students will never cross the finish line,  but when you Homeschool for College Credit, you put your teen closer to the goalpost, you start them 25%, 50%, 75% closer to that goal than the other students!

When you Homeschool for College Credit, you pay cash because you HAVE TO pay cash! There are no student loan options for teens in high school, so the credits earned are paid for over the period of the years your teen is in high school.  A bonus is that many teens in this country can take all the community college classes they want for free or reduced tuition – while in high school. Once you graduate, you pay full price (rack rate) tuition.

When you send your teen to college with 120 credits to earn, that’s like standing at the checkout and asking the cashier if she has any idea how to pay less for your groceries!  At that point, it’s too late.  The cashier doesn’t care if you have to borrow to pay for those groceries, the cashier doesn’t know how to teach you how to shop with wisdom, and the cashier is just there to do her job.  It’s you, the shopper, who planned the menu, picked the grocery store and put the items in the cart.  Homeschooling for College Credit backs you up to your kitchen table and helps you resourcefully plan your teen’s high school so that it injects college credit and brings the goal post closer.

Listen below to the new Ramsey Solutions’ podcast

Borrowed Future Podcast: What No One Told You About Student Loans

Over the next several episodes, let’s listen together and plan strategically for your teen’s college credit journey.   Following each episode, I’ll offer my own spin on how homeschooling families, specifically those who are Homeschooling for College Credit can take the challenge of going to college debt-free.

Can your teen go to college debt-free?  There’s no question in my mind.  Keep following and we’ll build a plan together.

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