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DSST Practice Exams

It’s always best to take a few practice tests before any credit by exam test. There are a good number of DSST practice exams (some for free) available to help you get ready for the “real” test!

DSST Practice Exams

Peterson’s Practice Tests – a “tried and true” exam resource that gives you a very accurate gauge of your readiness for the real exam. If you’ve used Peterson’s in the past, you’ll notice that they no longer sell a practice test package- they now offer a subscription ($39/month) so you’ll want to wait until you’re within a month of taking the real exam before you subscribe. Use coupon code STUDY10 for 10% off.

Mastering the DSST eBook (you can order paperback from Amazon, but the eBook version is free). Includes 12 full-length DSST tests, each offering post-test with detailed answer explanations. Download here –> MasteringDSSTExams

Free DSST practice tests at   for most exams.

DSST Review, Renew, or Discontinue?

There are 9 DSST exams that are currently “expired” and I’m waiting patiently to learn the fate of these exams…. but so far, no word from DSST. Here’s what we do know. Official DSST Website All credit by exam tests (AP, CLEP, DSST, etc.) that are evaluated for college credit by The American Council on…

High School Medical Classes

If your teen is considering a career in a health or medical field, I have some interesting electives you can add to your high school curriculum to give them a head start. These aren’t worth college credit (you’ll award high school credit), but some, like those offered through the American Red Cross, result in certification…

Breaking News: CLEP at Home!

This is the post I’ve been dying to write! Since COVID-19, the #1 most asked question is “will we ever get to take a CLEP at home?” College Board just made history and is allowing you to take your CLEP exam at home!!! The College Board announced this month that remote (at home via webcam)…


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