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There is a rumor floating around a CLEP group that the Modern States CLEP voucher program has ended. After a frenzy of phone calls and emails, I think it is safe to say…

that access to free CLEP testing through Modern States will continue for a while!

Modern States is a free online prep program (not endorsed by The College Board but they link to it from their website, so it feels very endorsed to me) that awards vouchers upon successful completion of the program. These vouchers pay for CLEP exams in full, so this program brings the total cost of a CLEP exam down to $0!!

“Modern States was initially conceived and funded by businessman and philanthropist Steve Klinsky (the CEO of Modern States), but has grown as an alliance with the guidance and support of other education and foundation leaders.”

When the Modern States voucher program launched 4 years ago, they DID state having a limited number of vouchers to distribute, so we’ve held our breath through more than one extension. They now have attached themselves to edX, so these deep pockets are probably going to protect this program for a while. Sure, it’s *possible* that we would see this program end at some point, and I take rumors about the future of Modern States pretty seriously, but after written confirmation and a verbal corroboration, I feel pretty good about squashing this rumor.

Read more about this program and get your CLEP exams for free!

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