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TODAY! Arizona State University: Special Event

Livestream Event: TODAY August 20, 2021 (Friday) 3pm Central / 4pm Eastern

The ASU program stands alone- they are so unique, that they get their own entry on the list of 30 Ways to Earn College Credit in High School. Everything about this program is different and cool, so even those of you with access to free dual enrollment may want to consider ASU for their no-risk program.

ASU Universal Learner college courses:

  • $25 to enroll
  • Work at your own pace or with a cohort
  • Fully remote
  • Open to any age
  • Open to any grade level
  • No high school transcripts required
  • No test scores to qualify
  • We have an ASU Facebook group specifically for our HS4CC community!

The most unique aspect of these courses, is that you don’t pay tuition until (or unless) you like your grade and want college credit. In that case, you can choose to pay $400 and the credit is recorded on an official Arizona State University transcript. It’s really that easy. Furthermore, you have a year to decide- so you don’t even have to pay immediately.

ASU Universal Learner Info Session

August 20, 2021


$2.99 technology fee required to attend the live stream session

(no fee to watch the recording)

This *unofficial* ASU Universal Learner Info Session is hosted / taught by Homeschooling for College Credit experts (not Arizona State University) and specifically for members of our community. We’ll teach you how to resourcefully plan your homeschool classes while making the most of this affordable college program. We’ll also show you strategies to help your teen finish a bachelor’s degree from ASU for very low cost.

Info Session

  • Andrea LaBass, ASU Expert & HS4CC Moderator
    • Basic overview of ASU Universal Learner, planning courses, registering for courses, and studying for success.
  • Ann Dorminy, ASU Expert & HS4CC Moderator
    • Transferring courses to your target college and/or transitioning into ASU’s degree program.
  • Chrystal Smith, ASU Expert & HS4CC Moderator
  • Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, Executive Director of HS4CC
    • Finishing the ASU Bachelor’s Degree after high school without student loan debt


This livestream event carries a $2.99 technology fee which includes attendance, pdf handout, and attendance to the live question & answer session immediately following the event.

This presentation will be recorded. Note that the Q&A session is not being recorded and is only open to those who attend the livestream version.


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit