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Wyatt’s Story: It wasn’t easy getting this kid graduated!

I’m thankful when parents send me their stories, and I’m especially thankful when they are honest and transparent with the CHALLENGES they’ve encountered along the way. It is especially important to acknowledge that earning college credit can be hard work, but finishing a degree (in high school no less) is exceptionally hard! I hope you’ll read this young man’s Homeschooling for College Credit journey. He just graduated! Thanks to his mom Jamie G. for allowing me to share it with you!

“It wasn’t easy getting this kid graduated. Phew! Three different states. Shutdowns. And numerous revisions of his goals for post high school. He stuck it out through the emotional rollercoaster!

It wasn’t all rainbows!

But we couldn’t have done it without Homeschooling for College Credit! He graduated homeschool high school this June and finished up three more classes over the summer to earn his AA!

  • His first ever DE class we had to pull him from due to inappropriate content.
  • His second DE class he failed and the CC in TX allowed him to retake it the next semester and use that as the grade on his official GPA instead of the F.
  • And just last Fall he had to withdraw from a class that he most likely wasn’t going to pass.

I’m so proud of all his dedication and hard work and I’m proud of myself for sticking it out and helping facilitate his goals! One of my mentors told me this week that no one will really ever know all the work I went to to help him get to where he is today, but I imagine y’all have a good idea. 😉

He earned approximately 18 credits through CLEP tests and the rest at two different community colleges (the bulk of it here in North Carolina). Over the years we mostly utilized Sonlight and IEW curriculums and many various co-op classes and tutors.

I hope that adds to your encouragement. Hang in there; rewrite the script when you have to! It’s worth it to see our kids thriving as individuals, finding their passions, and not just being products of “The System.”

This was his first week at his new business apprenticeship through another nearby community college. It’s such a great opportunity! He gets a full-time salary and one day a week in class in business courses.

The company that is employing him for his apprenticeship has offered to pay for him to finish his bachelor’s degree if he wants to stay on with them next year and the degree is related to his work there. If he goes that route, when it’s all said and done, he’ll have spent no more than $1,000 to earn a bachelor’s degree. 🤩

By next October he’ll have 18 more college credits (all related to business) and have apprenticed in all seven departments at a local manufacturing company. They started him off in the sales department this week. I hope this is encourages you all! We’re doing great work as homeschooling parents! ❤️👨‍🎓” -Jamie Goodman, HS4CC Parent in North Carolina

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