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Parent Question: Should my daughter re-do a class?

Question: I have daughter in her first semester of dual enrollment. She has all A’s except for Pre Cal Algebra. She currently has a C. She is worried about her GPA.
Everything else (other grades, testing, etc.) are high achieving. It’s this one class. She is afraid it will affect her college and scholarship opportunities. Any words of wisdom?

Answer: Words of wisdom: never move the goal post back.

Elaborating….you explained that she’s going to grad school for law and getting a degree in history. Passing pre cal is important, but this individual course grade is going to be burred in a sea of solid A’s and B’s. I’m assuming she intends to finish the full AA prior to her BA history program, and in that time, she’ll have 19 other classes on her COLLEGE TRANSCRIPT to add to her already stellar HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT. This is a non-issue. Check the box and move swiftly ahead. Do everything it takes to keep her moving forward. 50% of kids stall out and drop out. Never move that goal post back. Never. (She already has a very long road ahead, do not stop and redo a passing grade.)

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