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Getting Ready for Work?

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If you’re looking for a low-stress elective this semester, I have a perfect course for your teen. This Career Planning & Preparation course will teach them to write a resume and cover letter, understand the interview process, and get them polished and ready to land that summer job!

I built this high school curriculum using a bundle of many short-courses offered by Saylor Academy. Saylor Academy is a non-profit organization offering online learning for no cost. This course is open to any student of any age. No placement or documentations are required. Just sign up and learn!

*NOTE: You can simply click-and-learn using the links below, but if you take the time to register your teen on Saylor Academy’s website, your student will earn a certificate of completion for each module. This is not required, but if your teen responds well to this rewards, it’s worth doing and costs nothing!

Module 1: Resumes & Cover Letters

Module 2: Interview Skills

Module 3: Professional Etiquette

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