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Dual Enrollment: Kinesiology, Nutrition, Public Health, Geography Lab, Norwegian

Before you get too excited, these courses are expensive, but they hit 2 major points of interest (1) they are SELF-PACED and (2) offer many unique classes in subjects that are normally very hard to find for dual enrollment students. This is just a sample, they offer 114 self-paced courses in total.

University of North Dakota (North Dakota)
Public 4-year university
Program Name: Enroll Anytime
Cost: $370 per credit plus an initial $35 application fee. Books are not included. Course format: SELF PACED with year-round rolling start dates. You can take up to 9 months to complete a course, but not fewer than 3 months. A single 3-month extension is available for $50.

For dual enrollment students: Limited to 100 and 200 level courses.

For high school graduates: no limit. The catalog includes a LOT of upper level 300-400 credits!!!
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KIN 242: Introduction to Kinesiology, 2 credits

KIN 401: Sport Sociology, 3 credits

KIN 440: Sport and Exercise Psychology, 3 credits

Nutrition & Dietetics

(Note: these are not coded as a science credit which would be BIO, so unlikely to transfer in as a general education science)

N&D 240: Fundamentals of Nutrition, 3 credits

N&D 250: Contemporary Food and Nutrition Concepts, 3 credits

N&D 335: World Food Patterns, 3 credits

N&D 348: Sports Nutrition

N&D 441: Nutritional Biochemistry

Public Health

PHE 101: Introduction to Public Health, 3 credits

PHE 102: Epidemiology in Public Health, 3 credits

PHE 103: Introduction to Global Health, 3 credits


NORW 101: First Year Norwegian I, 4 credits

NORW 102: First Year Norwegian II, 4 credits


GEOG 121: Global Physical Environment, 3 credits

GEOG 121L: Global Physical Environment Laboratory, 1 credit

GEOG 151: Human Geography, 3 credits

GEOG 161: World Regional Geography, 3 credits

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