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Pro Tip: CLEP Transferability

Will your CLEP transfer? There are a few variables, but there is ONE single most important consideration that outranks every variable.

The most important consideration is the CLEP acceptance policy of the college your teen will earn their degree from. This college’s policy is always trump, and always overrides the “temporary” colleges your teen attended/attends prior to that point.

In short, the act of having CLEP credit appear on a transcript of any college never makes it more (or less) transferrable later. That you planted it on a dual enrollment transcript or that it appears on a transcript from another college never changes the fact that it is CLEP and will be subject to your new college’s policy.

If your teen is in middle or high school, learning big principles will help you become a smart and resourceful Homeschooling for College Credit guidance counselor for your teen! Keep reading Will it Transfer and Credit Laundering to learn more about this topic.

Will it Transfer? That’s the Wrong Question

Credit Laundering <– an exception to the Pro Tip above


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