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Be the expert. You’re qualified.

If you’re a homeschool family, I already know you’re brave. I also know that you’ve made a great sacrifice to line your kids up with good education and a bright future. You already have the foundation to handle this next season or stage with ease; now you have to find your confidence for this phase.

Much of the high school to college process is designed to intimidate you into compliance, so by the time you’ve read hundreds of web pages, applied to dozens of colleges, are willing to mortgage your home and tap your 401(k), you’re so beaten down that you’ll gladly send your child to any college that will take them. Instead of surrendering your authority to the experts, I hope instead you’ll be inspired to take on the role of the expert in your homeschool. 

Since founding the Homeschooling for College Credit community on Facebook, I’ve met thousands of homeschool families. Almost every parent feared the things I feared and wanted the things I wanted. We all wanted to graduate our children from homeschool, to help them earn a legitimate college degree or trade certificate, to get them on track for a self-supporting career, and to not go bankrupt in the process. If those are your family’s goals, they align with mine too, and you should find this book a tremendous resource for you.

excerpt from “Jennifer’s Story” Homeschooling for College Credit, 2nd edition.


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit