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2 Sons Graduating

We’ve had so many great stories to share this month! When you Homeschool for College Credit, you bring the goal post closer. Many families have sent me graduation stories that help us all appreciate resourceful high school planning at its best.

HS4CC parent Amber writes “I have used many of your ideas and articles to help along the way.  I purchased your book several years ago and that is what got me started with all of this! Our oldest son took dual credit classes all through high school and graduated with his Associate’s degree in Business Administration. He enrolled in Colorado State University and once everything transferred over, he was bumped up to the junior level. He is due to graduate this May with his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He is 19. It’s not been an easy road with keeping him motivated but he stuck with it.”

One of the most frequent questions we get is how earning college credit impacts a student’s access to freshman scholarships. The good news is that college credit earned during high school does not change your teen’s enrollment in any way! They are still a freshman applicant with access to every freshman scholarship the college offers. This can be true even when a student earns an associate degree- as long as it is earned during high school. As in Amber’s son’s case, once the student matriculates into their target college (accepts admission, pays money, enrolls formally) the student’s rank will experience a nice “bump” as their college credit is applied.

“Our middle son is currently working on his Associate’s degree using dual credits. We are currently exploring colleges for him and looking to see who will allow him to graduate in two years. My husband was able to pass along his GI Bill, so we split the four years of benefits between our two sons.”

Bravo Amber! This family used a combination of available programs in high school, an inherited GI Bill, and resourceful planning to build TWO degrees for her family- all without debt. Congratulations!

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