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Homeschool Students Become Entrepreneurs

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Thank you to homeschooling parent Francia from Texas for allowing me to share both her son’s Homeschooling for College Credit success stories! These young men are graduating high school with their diploma, degree, and starting their own business!

Francia joined our Texas Homeschooling for College Credit Facebook group in 2019 and has been working like crazy injecting college credit into her son’s homeschool program. As many homeschool parents do, her sons have been working together on this journey and will graduate high school AND college together.

Their family used Modern States to take advantage of getting free vouchers to accumulate free college credit by CLEP exam. They did this slowly over the course of 4 years and are now graduating! They have each earned 73 college credits and an Associate Degree in Business Management from their local community college.

What’s next for these young men?

They are excited to announce that they are opening their own Martial Arts School. Something made possible by not having student loan debt. WAY TO GO!

“These are my kids, Victor Calix (18 years old) and Roberth Zarate (16 years old).”

Your family can do this too!

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