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Thank you to Sabrina for alerting me to the copyright infringement of Homeschooling for College Credit! The e-book was pirated immediately after published, but the PAPERBACK version was stolen and is now being published under a fake name. If you have this version, PLEASE follow the instructions below.

The REAL Homeschooling for College Credit 2nd edition is on the left. It has a blue cover. The stolen / copyright infringement version is on the right. Since there are multiple spelling and grammar mistakes in the listing on Amazon, I expect the seller’s first language is not English and this is probably someone outside the country. Note that the rest of the book appears to be scanned or photocopied. I have reported this to Amazon.

If you purchased the FAKE version, please report it to immediately. They will issue you a refund!! Take a picture of the cover, GET A REFUND, and then send me an email:

If you report this and return the book, please let me know. I will personally send you a signed paperback directly from me to you with my complements for helping me stop this crime. (send me the pic in your email)

On a side note, aside from this being wrong, the royalty from sales of the REAL book fund Homeschooling for College Credit. Without the sales from that book, we wouldn’t have an organization. Thank you, Jennifer

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