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Parent Question: How do I show 2 colleges on our high school transcript?

Can my student be enrolled in two different community colleges? If so, how does this translate to a high school transcript? My goal is to see that, whatever path she chooses, she will be set up for success. 

The quick answer is “yes” you can enroll your teen in more than one program at once, and the way to differentiate this on a high school transcript is to use your footer space to tag and link the courses to the correct colleges.


ENG101 English Composition has the superscript “1” that follows. The superscript is a small raised number 1 that indicates you’ll get more information about the entry at the bottom.

ENG101 English Composition1

You’ll see that ECO101 Microeconomics has the superscript “2” that follows. The superscript is not a 1 because it is taken at a second college. Since it is a second (different) college, we’ll use the number 2.

ECO101 Microeconomics2

If your teen used a third college, then we could use a “3” and then “4” and so on so we had a superscript for every separate college attended.

The full college name and address that links each superscript appears in the footnote.

1ABC Community College, 123 Main Street, Any City, North Carolina 12345

2XYZ University, 987 South Ave., My Town, North Carolina 54321

For more tips about how to record college credit on your teen’s high school transcript, you can check out the HS4CC Transcript Resource page!


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit