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HS4CC–> BS Degree at 17

Shared with deep gratitude to Misti our HS4CC Kentucky moderator, for her willingness to share her 17 year old daughter’s amazing story of finishing her BS at Liberty University!

Misti has served as a Homeschooling for College Credit moderator for our Kentucky group since 2018!! She shared her story in our Kentucky group, but I’m thankful she allowed me to share it with everyone else in our community too!

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I wanted to give a final update and quick summary on my daughter who just finished at Liberty University two weeks ago at 17 years old.

My daughter, a 5th born, started accumulating college credits in 9th grade. She started with Studycom and then dove into dual credit. When Covid hit and Sophia was free, we focused on that for quite a while that summer and fall. We ended up using a number of different colleges to get the classes that interested her and that she would need for a degree at Liberty. There were many science classes as well as Mandarin Chinese and several different ACE providers (Studycom, Sophia, Straighterline, etc.)

She did dual credit at 5 different colleges during high school because that’s what worked. 😀

She enjoyed the challenge and liked feeling that all her effort was working towards a degree and not just a high school class she would have to later repeat.

She graduated this month with a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies with focuses in Global Studies and Natural Science -her 2 passions! She would like to be a missionary to Asia one day.

The approximate cost for her entire degree (120 credits) spread out over 4 years:


HS4CC strategy note: This degree costs other people $46,800 or more. Misti saved money by using low cost programs that she knew would transfer perfectly into this university and taking advantage of the VERY significantly reduced tuition of dual enrollment as opposed to paying full price tuition after high school. HS4CC outlines 30 ways you can earn college credit in high school for pennies on the dollar.

Some of her older siblings were able to accomplish this cheaper ($9K and $10K through Thomas Edison State University), but we really wanted her to have a Christian focus since she was interested in Global Studies and Missions. We have been SO incredibly happy with Liberty University. So wonderful to work with and the teachers have been some of the best we’ve encountered anywhere.

My next oldest child just started at Liberty last week and we have had an equally wonderful experience so far!

PRO TIP: When you learn how to Homeschool for College Credit, that knowledge multiplies with each subsequent child that follows!

I know it’s helpful to see a success story and see what it looks like, though each student’s story is so different. She is my 5th child to graduate college, but each of them is so very different from the rest to fit what works for them!

Want to read more inspirational stories? So do we! Send me yours!


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