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Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry, Plant-Based Cooking, Nutrition, Hotel Lodging and more! These are opportunities to earn high school and college credit via distance learning. Some classes are lecture only, but many include at home labs.

Course/Progra,ProviderCollege Credit
Certified Culinarian Rouxbe (ACE)12
Certified Fundamentals Cook Rouxbe (ACE)7
Certified Sous Chef Rouxbe (ACE)12
Plant-Based Certification Course Rouxbe (ACE)9
Professional Cook Certification Rouxbe (ACE)9
Culinary Foundations 1 & 2 Rouxbe (ACE)6
Beer & Wine in Western CultureGateway Ed3
Bar & Beverage ManagementCoopersmith (NCCRS)3
Beyond CuisineCoopersmith (NCCRS)3
The Cultural Messages of CookbooksCoopersmith (NCCRS)3
Buffet Catering & Garde MangerCoopersmith (NCCRS)3
Culinary Arts TechniquesCoopersmith (NCCRS)3
History and Benefits of VeganCoopersmith (NCCRS)3
Culinary MathCoopersmith (NCCRS)3
Introduction to BakingCoopersmith (NCCRS)3
Food StylingCoopersmith (NCCRS)3
Hotel Sales & MarketingCoopersmith (NCCRS)3
International FoodsCoopersmith (NCCRS)3
Introduction to HospitalityCoopersmith (NCCRS)3
Menu Planning and DesignCoopersmith (NCCRS)3
History of Food TrucksCoopersmith (NCCRS)3
Ice Cream History Culture and EconomicsCoopersmith (NCCRS)3
Social History of Jewish FoodCoopersmith (NCCRS)3
Nutritional CookingCoopersmith (NCCRS)3
Hospitality 101 Intro to HospitalityStudycom (ACE)3
Hospitality 301 Hospitality MarketingStudycom (ACE)3
Hospitality 309 Food & Beverage ServiceStudycom (ACE)3
Hospitality 105 Intro. to Tourism and TravelStudycom (ACE)3
Hospitality 304 Hotel & Lodging ManagementStudycom (ACE)3
Food Preparation in the HomeBYU* (RA graded credit)2
Intro Culinary Food Service Blue Ridge Community Technical College*2
Safety & Sanitation Blue Ridge Community Technical College*2
Bread FundamentalsBlue Ridge Community Technical College*1
Cooking Fundamentals IBlue Ridge Community Technical College*1
Cooking Fundamentals IIBlue Ridge Community Technical College*1
Inventory and PurchasingBlue Ridge Community Technical College*3
Bruin Café LectureBlue Ridge Community Technical College*1
Hospitality & Restaurant MarketingBlue Ridge Community Technical College*3
Hospitality & Restaurant ManagementBlue Ridge Community Technical College*2
Culinary Customer Service Blue Ridge Community Technical College*2
Controlling Food Costs Blue Ridge Community Technical College*2
Stocks, Soups, SaucesPierpont Community & Technical College*1
Food & Beverage MerchandisingPierpont Community & Technical College*3
*graded regionally accredited credit

The previous post from 2022 included many courses from Sur La Table, and OnlineDegree. Unfortunately those courses were discontinued 10/31/2023. If you took courses WHILE THEY WERE worth college credit, most colleges will still honor the credit with some pushing.

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