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Find College Credit: American Sign Language

Looking for college credit in ASL? We have a list!

Step 1: Look local! Your local community college may offer dual enrollment courses to high school students, and sometimes for reduced for free tuition! Local community colleges will have “excellent” transferability -the highest level.

Step 2: Look at our out of state dual enrollment list. The colleges on this list will have “excellent” transferability- the highest level.

This list could use more providers! If you have a lead for a class, please send me a link to review the class at

My daughter has been taking the sign language class at Pierpont Community & Technical College through their dual credit program.  It has been going really well and the gal we have been working with on the Dual Enrollment team is Joni. My daughter is taking ASL II after this class. She did have one prior year of sign language so she went right into the ASL I class versus taking the Intro to ASL, as a beginner may want to start here.
We paid $75 per class and it came with a lab. ($25 per credit).

-Carisa, HS4CC parent

*Pierpont C&TC tuition is only $25 per credit for dual enrollment

ASL American Sign Languageprovidertransferability
Deaf Culture & Deaf Studies*Pierpont C&TCexcellent
Intro to American Sign Language*Pierpont C&TCexcellent
ASL Linguistics*Pierpont C&TCexcellent
American Sign Language I*Pierpont C&TCexcellent
American Sign Language I LAB*Pierpont C&TCexcellent
American Sign Language II* Pierpont C&TCexcellent
American Sign Language II LAB*Pierpont C&TCexcellent
ASL Fingerspelling*Pierpont C&TCexcellent
06/2022 ASL is not available through any ACE or NCCRS exam or course. (Studycom, Sophia, Straighterline, Coopersmith, AP, CLEP, DSST, etc.)XX
* graded credit regionally accredited university

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