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Unschooling to College Credit: Mikele Shares Her Daughter’s Celebration

I was barely more than an un-schooling mom in practice, and my oldest was barely middle school aged at the time, but when my sister-in-law sent me a link to Jennifer’s book Homeschooling for College Credit, the light bulb went off and that started the ball rolling. She earned 41 college credits and a full scholarship covering her first 2 years of college at the University of South Carolina.

I had four engaged, self-motivated kids pursuing what they loved and learning a ton along the way. We had decades old hand-me-down texts but most of our learning took place by completing 4-H projects and low cost activities than in texts.

While she studied for and took her US History I and US Government CLEP exams in the Spring of that same year, using Modern States reimbursement program, I got busy trying to figure out how to maximize her free and low cost resources for college credit.

Here is what it ended up looking like for those three years of high school with costs included:

Sophomore Year

CLEP: US History I, 3 credits ($0 through Modern States)

CLEP: U.S. Government, 3 credits ($0 through Modern States)

Speedy Prep Subscription ($72) – online flashcard study site for CLEP exams

“Our family is celebrating 6 CLEP credits earned (US HIST 1 & US Govt) and 7 dual enrollment credits earned (Forensic Chemistry with lab and Personal Finance). I think the larger success of this year is the confidence my daughter has gained in having to achieve both types of credit. She knows she can do it. She knows how to do it. And her excitement is propelling her to keep doing it. Thank you so much for your gentle push in this direction. It has been a game-changer for our family of four homeschoolers!” -Mikele’s message to me in December 2020 for our HS4CC monthly celebration post

Junior Year

MATH 111 College Math, 4 credits ($129 book)

FINA 369 Personal Finance, 3 credits ($110 book)

CHEM 101 Basic Chemistry,4 credits ($55 book, $41 Lab, $20 calculator)

CHEM 107 Forensic Chemistry,4 credits ($10 book)

CHEM 111 General Chemistry, 4 credits ($18 book, $75 lab)

PYCH 101 Psychology, 3 credits ($0, no book!)

CLEP: Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, 3 credits ($0 through Modern States)

I just wanted you to know that you and your staff are doing a great work for the homeschooling community.  It does not go unappreciated! Thank you for all the options you continue to open up to us.   I feel as if I am on the wave of some great new thing that will change the way things are done so that our children have an opportunity to learn what is useful to learn and avoid so many of the pitfalls (including debt!) along the way. A breath of fresh air!” –Mikele’s message to me Summer 2021

Senior Year

SAT Exam ($55) – scored 1350 first try after all this CLEP self-study!

CLEP: College Composition, 3 credits ($0 through Modern States)

CHEM 112 4 credits ($0 used the same book from CHEM 111, $40 lab fee, $20 lab book rental)

CSCE 102 Computer Science 3 credits ($50 book)

Total Credits:  41 Credits (approximately $700)

She applied for and received the 4-H’s Presidential Tray Award scholarship which is worth for $4,500 over 4 years, and she applied for and received a University of South Carolina scholarship, paying for her first two years of college upon graduation!

Jennifer’s thoughts

I wish I could put into words how thankful I feel to see a teen’s journey from homeschool through to the end. It is such an honor to be included in this small way, that I hope to keep using my platform to share these stories with all of you so that YOU may feel encouraged and capable to follow in their footsteps.


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit