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Christian Leaders College (for Transfer to Liberty University only)

Christian Leaders College

This is a unique type of college credit.

Christian Leaders College is a for-profit unaccredited college that offers “free” courses that can be used towards a degree at Liberty University (a non-profit fully accredited university). The transfer program with Liberty is “why” this entry is on the HS4CC website, but it doesn’t make my list of “30 Ways” because these classes are not worth college credit unless a student attends Liberty. These courses will not transfer to any other regionally accredited college or university.

These courses are self-paced (you have 180 days to complete) and offered completely online.

(Christian Leaders College offers their own in-house Associate/Bachelor/Master degree programs but since those degrees are not regionally accredited, I’ve decided not to include information about those programs.)

Who should take these courses? Students who will attend Liberty University.

Before your teen attends Liberty University, you can apply resourceful high school planning principles to outsource a lot of the degree in advance. Since Liberty allows you to outsource up to 75% of a bachelor’s degree, careful planning reduces the cost of your teen’s bachelor’s degree from about $60,000 to about $15,000 – all while maintaining access to scholarships. When perfectly-planned, a student will apply for admissions and graduation in the same year.

Students planning to attend Liberty can go into Liberty’s website and pull up the courses required for each potential major. Search Here. Simply match up courses from Christian Leaders College (or CLEP, Sophia, Studycom, etc.) by using the course equivalency table below.

It is noteworthy that they offer BIOLOGY, ASTRONOMY, SOCIOLOGY, and PSYCHOLOGY which are generally hard to find from a Christian perspective.

Liberty’s partnership verification page


How it Works

(from CLC website)

These “free” courses can be used for college credit at the Christian Leaders College or for non-college credit at Christian Leaders Institute. There are fees- see below.

If you are interested, you must enroll in a student account at Christian Leaders Institute that administers these classes. You will automatically be enrolled in the Christian Leaders Institute’s Getting Started Class that will take you less than two hours to complete. It opens the door to a formal education journey that meets your needs and budget. After you complete the Getting Started Class, you are free to enroll in, complete, and get credit for as many free general education courses as offered.

College Credit: If you want college credit, you must enroll in the Christian Leaders College Admissions Class. Courses will be recorded as “pass” on the transcript at Liberty (no grades).

  • College Admission/enrollment fee ($125)
  • Courses ($0)
  • Transcript Processing Fee payable to Christian Leaders for your complete transcript to be sent to Liberty University. This is a sliding scale based on the number of credits your teen earns. (see parent-submitted screenshot)
image courtesy of Sara Lott 9/21/2022

HS4CC Parent’s Feedback

Kristen C. writes “Once we are further along in the process, we will come back and comment, but for now it’s “so far so good!” on using Christian Leaders 🙂… takes about a month each, but she (daughter) has an extensive understanding of the Bible, so this really will depend upon many factors. She also listened to the Bible when driving, and sometimes read the transcript instead of watching the video, which hurried it along. If you’ve got minimal Bible knowledge, it will be a much longer timeframe to work though it… No interaction with instructors, completely self-paced, open book exams, with time limit, no retakes.”

Grace C. writes “Overall, I would describe my experience as positive. Classes are well-structured, taught from a Christian worldview, and material is offered in multiple formats. A lot of confusion surrounds the title “Christian Leaders College.” To clear things up, there are essentially three “Christian Leaders” titles, including “College,” “Institute,” and “Alliance.” In order to take courses through CLC, you must make a login (“enroll”) through CLI. This video ( will show you how to get started. I took three classes at CLC (Greek 1, OT Survey, NT Survey), and am in the process of transferring them to Liberty. My official transcript is still being mailed to LU, but the registrar’s office viewed my unofficial transcript, and confirmed that the credits would transfer into Liberty. As of right now, the courses are shown as coming in 3 credits apiece, but I have yet to determine whether the two, 3-credit classes of OT and NT Survey will come in as the single, 4-credit class at LU called BIBL 104. I will update this post when I find out. One of the things I found slightly misleading was the statement that it would only cost $10 to send official transcripts to colleges. This is only true for students who complete the Associate from CLC and wish to transfer it to another institution. What I paid was $50 for the CLC Admission Fee (I got a 60% off coupon for what would normally cost $125), and a $250 “Transcript Processing Fee” for the three classes I took. However, I believe it was well worth it.”


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit