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College on the Cheap Podcast (Episode 3)

Jennifer Cook-DeRosa & Shelley Cloutier embark on a new episode of COLLEGE ON THE CHEAP! College on the Cheap is a podcast for the college-bound who appreciate the value of a penny.

Episode 3: Testing Out with CLEP It’s 2005-2006, and I’m reading about a concept I’d never heard of called “testing out.” The interesting part is that I’d been teaching and advising in the community college district for 13 years by then, so I was sure it wasn’t legit.  Except that it was.  6 months later I had tested out of over 20 college classes, and today I’m going to tell you can do it too.


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  1. My two boys are homeschooled, and I want to know how early can they take college credits as they do in high schools?

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