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Law Shelf: New Pricing

Law Shelf is one of our NCCRS college credit providers that offers a huge free catalog of courses. The only cost is if you want to take the final exam (required for college credit). In this post you’ll get a BOGO coupon and I’ll cover their new price structure so you can make the most out of their courses.

Any company that awards college credit (as contrasted against a college that awards college credit) does so by third-party evaluation. That means the courses at Law Shelf are worth college credit when your teen attends a college that allows/accepts this kind of credit. Not all colleges do, so keep that in mind. Despite that caution, Law Shelf course are completely FREE. They cost $0, so my advice is to use their courses as homeschool curriculum! When you do this, the “risk” is less because you’re still awarding high school credit. You can decide later if you’d like to pay for the final exam and earn potential college credit.

The coupon they’ve given Homeschooling for College Credit is wonderful, allowing you to Buy One Course and Get One free, so the cost (the risk) is only $10 per credit. I like that price for curriculum, and I think you’ll be able to find plenty of courses your teen can use for high school credit. If they later get college credit? Frosting on the cake!

PRO TIP: if you plan to join our teens who are testing out of their degree at Excelsior University, Excelsior happily accepts Law Shelf courses!

Law Shelf courses are completely free! You only pay if you want to take the final, proctored exam.To earn college credit you HAVE TO take the final exam, but to earn high school credit, the exam is optional.

A typical Law Shelf course is worth 3 college credits ($60), so with our BOGO code you’ll choose 2 course for $60 which brings your cost per credit down to $10!

Use the code HS4CC at checkout to Buy One Course and Get One FREE

There is no age restriction, no application, and no transcript required. Simply enroll.

Need Course Suggestions?

While these courses all focus around law topics, you can still hit a lot of areas your teen might be interested in through their catalog. Depending on what slot you’re trying to fill in your teen’s schedule, here are a few classes I recommend from each category:

If you want a general education course, consider:

  • CRM-101: Basics of Criminal Law (social science)
  • CRM-201: White-Collar Crime (social science)

If you want a business course, consider:

  • BUS-101: Business Organizations
  • ACC-101: Basics of Accounting

If your teen is interested in health care, consider:

  • TOR-501: Medical Malpractice
  • HLT-202: Health Records and Privacy

If your teen is interested in technology or computers, consider:

  • COM-303: Cyber Law
  • COM-304: E-Commerce Regulation

Use the code HS4CC at checkout to Buy One Course and Get One FREE


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