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NEWS: HS4CC Beta Testers Needed!

A pre-announcement! I’ve been given 200 “seats” to offer to the HS4CC community from a regionally accredited college in California as part of their beta test! Guess what? These classes will be LIVE! And FREE for this community only!

The details are coming this month, but here are a few details:

The college is regionally accredited and has never offered dual enrollment before- we are their testers.

The classes will have a LIVE (synchronous) model for online learning. The student would need to log in at specific times for this class.

The HS4CC community is often invited to beta test for colleges and businesses, so if you’ve ever done this with us before, you know how rewarding it is to be part of the building process. Your teen may be asked for their feedback, and it’s a fun way to get “paid” for your participation by being given free tuition!

Students in 12th grade will get priority and are their preference, but was told that 11th graders would be considered.

Students will choose 1 of the following 3-credit college classes for dual enrollment:

  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • American Politics & Government

The enrollment period will open next week and run through December 31st. Classes will start on January 17th and run for 11 weeks. *high school transcript will be required*

Syllabi, times, specifics, etc. all to follow.

The credits should transfer well into any other college that accepts transfer credit. They are regionally accredited, which is the gold standard.

  • Marketing and Entrepreneurship should transfer in as “Business” courses
  • American Politics should transfer in as “Government” or “Social Science” courses.
  • Each course will yield 1 high school credit and 3 college credits.


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