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Masters? Check!

Posted by Courtney, our Homeschooling for College Credit moderator for Pennsylvania.

“This is my eldest daughter who just finished her masters degree in Geropsychology at age 21.

She was my test subject for earning college credit. Utilizing the information I learned through Homeschooling for College Credit, she started taking CLEPs at age 12, and continued earning credit in various ways over the next few years. She graduated at 17 with more than half of her college credits, finished her bachelors through TESU at age 19, and has been working on her masters through GCU while working over the last 2 years (she also got married this spring!). We did this at very low cost and no debt.

I had no idea when we started how much fun this process could be, and I’m so grateful for the time and money it has saved us. Don’t give up! And ask questions! 😊


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit