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Nearly Sold Out: HS4CC Honor Cord Fundraiser!

We are absolutely going to hit our fundraising goal!! I hoped to keep orders open until March 25, but we are selling many each day, so we’ll likely sell out in February. You still have an opportunity to get one for your graduating teen.

What is the HS4CC Honor Cord Fundraiser? The sale of honor cords is funding our effort to become a nonprofit organization AND honor your teen’s college credit by wearing a Homeschooling for College Credit honor cord on their regalia!

Several people asked me if we will have them again next year: YES! This has been an enormous success, people are loving them, and I have a very very very special idea for next year. <smile>

Read our nonprofit press release

DEADLINE to place your order is March 25, 2023 or until supplies last

SHIPPING estimated arrival April 7, 2023.

Orders are securely processed through PayPal and covered by PayPal Purchase Protection.


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit