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ASU Prep Digital Live Information Session for Concurrent College Courses

On March 27, 2023 at 7pm CDT, Homeschooling for College Credit is hosting an information session with Arizona State University’s Prep Digital team to discuss their concurrent college courses program, how they can be used by homeschoolers to earn college credit, and answer any questions attendees may have about the programs. This program allows homeschool high school students to take college courses at a discounted rate from the regular ASU college course catalog ($200/cr + books/fees) versus ASU’s Universal Learner/Study Hall programs that offer a shorter list of college courses at an even deeper discount ($425/course inclusive of books, plus GPA protection). Sign up for the ASU Prep Digital Information Session here. The zoom event will be capped at 100 attendees and will be recorded for those who cannot attend. Live Q&A from attendees will be at the end of the event.

There are a couple of great advantages that I think will help many of our families using this program:

  1. This program allows students to take almost any course from the ASU regular course catalog, including upper-level credit, as long as prerequisites are met, and the course isn’t restricted. Upper-level credit is much harder to get access to at a discounted rate, and as a high school student, so this potentially opens many doors for degree planning and savings on college tuition!
  2. Students can send the transcripts from other colleges to ASU for evaluation and to fulfill prerequisites for other courses at ASU
  3. The student can get assistance from their success coach to determine what classes are needed for the degree plan – this is a great advantage for students planning to attend ASU for their 4yr degree!

These courses are available to our homeschool community as part of the “part time” program at ASU Prep Digital. ASUPD will be specifically discussing this part-time program, the college courses our students can take from the full regular catalog at ASU at a discounted rate while in high school, and a tiny bit about their high school courses for high school credit only. (ie if you’d like them to teach Algebra 1, or 9th grade English, etc… – for high school credit only).

ASUPD does have a full-time online virtual school, but we will not be discussing that program tonight, as it’s outside the scope of our group. Families interested in their full-time school would need to attend one of the information sessions posted on their website for questions about that.

For those interested in also attending the ASU Universal Learner/Study Hall information session to learn more about this unique program, sign up for that session being held on 4/4/23 at 7pm CDT here!

Both the ASU Prep Digital Information Session and the Universal Learner/Study Hall Information Sessions will be recorded and made available along with the Q&A document from each session.

Here is the RECORDING from the 3/27/23 Information Session with ASU Prep Digital.

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