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What Changed? The New CLEP College Algebra Exam

We just saw the first exam revision for CLEP College Algebra since 2007! That is no small thing, so what changed?

CLEP College Algebra Exam

Dates in use07/01/2007 – 03/31/202304/01/2023 – 03/31/2029
Length90 minutes90 minutes
Recommended Credit 3 (1 semester college course)3 (1 semester college course)
SubjectAlgebraCollege Algebra
Recommended Score5050
Algebraic Operations25%25%
Equations and Inequalities 25%25%
Functions and their Properties30%30%
Number Systems and Operations20%20%
3/27/2023, 4/5/2023

Predicted Changes

The biggest changes that can happen to an exam were NOT observed here. We did not see a change in the distribution of topics, number of credits, number of questions, or time allowed. That leads us to conclude that the changes were simply in the questions or question bank. In other words, an old question was replaced with a new question but should be of similar content and similar difficulty.

Example: an old question asking 4+5 could be replaced with a new question asking 6+5. There is no change in content or difficulty but the “actual” question was changed.

What this Means for Your Homeschool

This is the best kind of change because it means we can CONTINUE to use our existing test prep resources. We can conclude that it is ok to use any CLEP College Algebra prep resource with a publication date of 07/01/2007 and newer.

Official Page: CLEP College Algebra


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