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HS Diploma & Bachelor’s Degree at 16!

Join me in celebrating the huge accomplishments of Sofia. Sofia is an HS4CC teen who just earned her high school diploma AND Bachelor of Arts degree – and she’s only 16 years old! Here is Sofia with her Homeschooling for College Credit honor cord!

Proud momma Sarahy writes:

She will finish her BA in Liberal Arts from Excelsior University in August and then spend a year in Germany as an exchange student through the State Department scholarship. She will stay with a host family in Germany and attend Language Camp for a month. Due to her age, she will also attend high school in Germany! and then she will move with a host family and attend a high school due to her age. Thanks HS4CC for all the great information!!

About Sofia’s Scholarship

“The application was not challenging for her. They asked for personal information about her and our family. They required 5 essays about different topics, alongside recommendations from 2 or 3 people. From there, we submitted it to our state (this differs based on the state you reside in) and one of the affiliated organizations will reach out to you to guide through the process! Sofia had to do an online interview, but I know that other organizations had in-person interviews and such.”

The name of the scholarship is CBYX and you can apply through the State Department.


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  1. Congratulations dear niece, may you achieve all your dreams and all your wishes come true.

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