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HS4CC Membership Report Q2

It’s fun to share our growth since Covid since people always ask if homeschooling has grown over the past few years. At Homeschooling for College Credit, our numbers continue to explode despite us not placing a single ad… ever!

Facebook is where our organization lives and breaths. Though the Homeschooling for College Credit website enjoys good traffic and the blog is well-read, our PEOPLE are in the Facebook groups.

Our Facebook groups are led by volunteers who live in that state (usually) and are Homeschooling for College Credit (always) with at least one or more teen earning college credit in high school. Many of our moderators are exceptionally knowledgeable about dual enrollment, college admissions, homeschooling, and high school graduation requirements. We have 50 volunteers, and I wish I could pay them all a salary! The overwhelming majority have served HS4CC for over 5 years and several are approaching their 10 year anniversary. The community here is unmatched!

So, it’s no longer a surprise to me that homeschooling parents love the support they receive in our community!! Though I’ve never advertised, people who need us find us, and families here are accumulating college credit (and degrees) at an astonishing pace.

If you’re reading this, you’re part of a really cool community that can change your life if you’re here long enough.

Our Facebook groups are divided into states and special topics. You can find links to all our groups on one page HERE and read through the special groups we have for parents who want special support with CLEP, religious DE, military, NCAA, etc. In addition, we are always looking for MORE HELP and MORE volunteers to help our growing community. If you’d like to help, you can learn how HERE.

1st HS4CC Facebook Group: North Carolina (started December 2014)

Number of HS4CC Facebook groups: 60

Our largest “state” Facebook group: Texas (~5,000 members)

Our largest “specialty” Facebook group: HS4CC with ASU Courses (~5,000 members)

Growth in our HS4CC Facebook groups

  • 2015: 2,000 parents
  • 2017: 8,000 parents
  • 2019: 19,000 parents
  • 2021: 31,000 parents
  • 2023: 55,000 so far, and it’s only July!

Despite our growth, my goals have never been growth in numbers, it has always been growth in quality. I hope our organization can continue to leverage the idea “many hands make light work” and keep bringing you high quality tools, information, resources, classes, blog posts, and support. THANK YOU!


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit