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The Backbone of your High School Program

“Such a great book! I recommend this book to everybody I meet who is planning on or considering homeschooling through high school. It gave me hope that we, a family of eight on one income, can find creative ways to cut the costs of secondary school without going into debt. Even if you don’t homeschool,the advice in here can be so helpful in thinking outside the box for college options.” -Sarah (Goodreads review)

“This book is outstanding. If you are a parent of a homeschooled child then this is a MUST BUY book.” -David (Amazon review)

“Best book I have read all year because it is the MOST HELPFUL, so organized, and just wonderfully written. If you have not yet, please buy it I reference it constantly. Thank you to the author for writing it!!” -Kate (Amazon review)


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit