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High School Credit in Makeup & Hair

If your teen is considering cosmetology school, or just has a passion for beauty, I’ve created this 1 credit high school course for your homeschool using 2 great resources, one of them free. This is a good online learning option for your homeschool curriculum that work for high school credit. (Repost from May)

Introduction to Cosmetology, 1 credit (2 semesters)

These courses are offered individually through a free online platform out of Ireland called Alison and a subscription to “My Hair Dresser” MHD. To complete the free or paid courses you’ll need to create an account. Some of these courses offer certificates, but the certificates do not convert the credit to college credit, they are strictly for personal or professional recognition.

As a homeschooling parent, you determine the amount of high school credit to award based on your judgement or your state’s laws, but my recommendations are as follows:

  • There are enough modules to progress at a rate of 1 module per week for a full school year.
  • Award 1 high school credit or if you only want to use the free courses, award 1/2 credit at the end of the first semester.
  • I’ve combined these short courses into one longer course, but feel free to adapt as needed.
  • Time stated does not include hands-on practice, study, or application of skills. Allow plenty of time to apply and perfect the techniques learned in each module.
  • Upon completion of all the following courses, award a letter grade.
  • Print or save documentation of completion if required by your state’s homeschool laws.



Fundamentals of Cosmetology

Do you wish to work in a salon or start your own beauty company? We have designed this course to teach you the fundamentals of cosmetology, including health and safety tips to observe in the salon. In addition, you’ll learn about hair physiology, grooming, skincare and more. So if you find fulfilment in providing beauty treatments encompassing skin, hair and nail care, grab this opportunity and learn the basic knowledge of cosmetology. Explore the major themes in the profession of cosmetology including hair, manicures, and makeup. (2 hours)

MAKEUP (6 weeks)

Diploma of Makeup Artistry

This diploma course teaches you how to apply professional-level makeup for a variety of different looks and occasions, including films and photoshoots. We investigate what motivates people to approach makeup artists and layout the techniques used to enhance their eyes, lips and skin to transform their entire look. This course suits anyone who wants to apply cosmetics professionally or even those who simply want to look their best. (6 hours)

Everyday Makeup

Properly applied makeup can make you look and feel your best. This makeup tutorial provides cosmetic techniques and a toolkit you can use to boost your confidence. This course is a guide to the best tools and skills required to unleash your inner makeup artistry. We cover topics from perfecting your skincare routine to mastering basic cosmetic application techniques for different occasions. Sign up to learn how to apply makeup like a pro. Learn the basic tools and equipment of a makeup kit, enhance your knowledge of beauty trends, and understand the importance of good sanitation practices. (2 hours)

Contour & Highlight

Have you ever wanted to contour and highlight your face just like a Kardashian? This makeup course will guide you through the steps of applying contour and highlight to add definition and depth to your face. Learn through detailed, step-by-step explanations on how to achieve the perfect sculpted glow. Discover beauty tips and recommendations on which products and brushes are best to achieve a natural, effortless look.(2 hours)

Bridal Makeup

Explore the professional skills, tools and products for bridal makeup. You will learn skin preparation, techniques for eye-makeup, and the romantic bridal look. Customer care service will also be discussed so you can grow your clientele. To succeed as a freelance business, you will learn how to set up your business structure, meet legal requirements and master the strategies to market your brand for success. (2 hours)

Eyelash Extensions & Lift

Learn to skillfully perform eyelash extension and lash curl treatments to grow your business and impress clientele. This course introduces the tools required, procedures and industry standards for hygiene in the work environment. You will also learn to select the best lashes suitable for the different natural lash lengths and discover how to choose the best shields to give the curl effect that is sure to satisfy your clients. (2 hours)

Permanent Makeup for the Lips, Eyes, and Brows

This free online cosmetics course teaches you how to apply permanent makeup like a professional beautician. We explain how to use various tools to provide these specialised treatments for the eyes, brows and lips and lay out the care guidelines designed to keep them safe. Both men and women are taking advantage of today’s permanent makeup techniques so sign up for this makeup tutorial to expand your cosmetic skills and grow your beauty business. (3 hours)

SKIN CARE (2 weeks)

Introduction to Skin Care

Taking care of your skin helps you stay healthy. A healthy skin routine helps to resist the signs of ageing and disease. Different skin types necessitate different skin care regimens. How can we ensure that our habits are beneficial for our skin? This course will explore effective skin care practices to maintain healthy skin and prevent various skin diseases. You’ll learn about skin nutrients, skin anatomy, sunscreens and more. (3 hours)

Skin Care and Nude Makeup

Owning expensive makeup and not knowing how to apply it can be frustrating but well-applied makeup leaves you feeling confident and ready to face the world. ‘Nude’ makeup is characterised by shades inspired by skin tones and leans into a more natural cosmetic look. This course examines some common skin types and discusses which colour aspects to consider when applying makeup to help you master nude techniques. (2 hours)

NAILS (4 weeks)

Professional Nail Care and Treatment

Master professional nail technology in this cosmetology course. We outline basic anatomy and discuss the equipment and techniques used by nail technicians. We cover the essentials of nail care, nail art and cosmetic safety practices used to maintain hygiene and provide aftercare. We also explain how to become a professional nail technician and discuss the relevant UK legislation. Sign up to train as a nail specialist capable of caring for nails. (3 hours)

Manicure Treatment and Nail Polish Application

In this free online course, you will learn to master the art of performing a perfect manicure treatment. We’ll show you the various tools used in manicure treatments and the importance of hygiene and tool sterilization. The course provides a detailed explanation of the application and removal of permanent nail polish. You will obtain the necessary skills and knowledge for the perfect manicure treatment and nail polish application. Learn the industry standards and requirements for hygiene and health safety of a manicure treatment. You’ll learn the steps to carry out a full manicure treatment using nail polish and gel nail polish. (2 hours)

Pedicure Treatment and Nail Polish Application

Explore the ‘European pedicure’ methods and the means and skills required to provide high-quality professional services to your clients. This cosmetology course will introduce you to the tools of the trade and discuss important industry requirements for beauticians. Learn how to perform a proper pedicure treatment and expertly apply traditional and permanent nail polish, a high-demand skill in the beauty and makeup industry. (2 hours)

Gel Manicure & Nail Artistry

Do you love painting your nails and want to know how to care for them properly? This course will introduce you to the anatomy and physiology of the nail. You will analyse nail products and acrylic and gel nail techniques for manicures and pedicures. We illustrate how to make stunning nail art with various designs for you to attempt, from simple to advanced. After that, you will examine the different aspects of starting a salon business.(2 hours)

Hairstyling (1 week)

Bridal Hairstyling

This free online course teaches you how to design beautiful bridal hairstyles. We describe the necessary tools and products and go over general hair preparation processes. The course then moves on to actual hair styling, and we demonstrate a variety of techniques to create bridal hairstyles that can be combined in multiple ways for an endless source of options. We train you to prepare clients (or friends) for special occasions. (2 hours)

Mid-Year Style Show (1 week)

The capstone of this semester is your Mid-Year Style Show. Using the techniques learned during the semester, select 3 techniques that you can demonstrate by hosting a mid-year style show. Suggestions: 1 natural makeup model, 1 special occasion makeup model, and 1 nail model. Create a photo slideshow set to music, create a Facebook Reel, Instagram video, or Tiktok to present your art to your community.


Hair (16 weeks)

For this semester, you’ll subscribe to My Hair Dresser (MHD). From the UK, MHD offers over 500 hairdressing and barbering classes/videos taught by leading experts. Most are hair cutting and styling techniques (including African hair types), but they also have beauty treatment, nails, makeup, and business classes as well. At the time of this writing, MHD is running a sale price of $90 for a full year, but normal price is $179 for a full year.

Sample break down (1 topic per week)


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