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One Free Course: California Baptist University

CBU is regionally accredited and offering the first class free to any new dual enrollment student. Grades 10-12th are eligible. The classes are 8 weeks long, and fully remote. There is no obligation to take additional courses beyond the free course!

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Next Session Start Date: October 30, 2023

Application Deadline: October 23, 2023

Course list for this term (choose 1 for free)

ACC251 Principles of Accounting II

ART202 Art Appreciation

ART204 Drawing I

BUS218 Macroeconomics

CIS265 Info Systems Essentials

CIS270 Business IT Application *

COM113 Oral Communication

COM250 Introduction to Communication Studies

CST100 Overview of the Bible

ENG113 Composition

ENG123 Intermediate Composition

GDM140 Fundamental Web

HIS223 History of the US Since the Civil War

HSC101 Introduction to Public Health

HUM213 Humanities I

PHI213 Introduction to Philosophy

POL213 American Government

POL223 State and Local Government

PSY213 General Psychology

SOC213 Introduction to Sociology

Download the full HS4CC list of free college courses and credits 2023-2024 HERE


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