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Heather’s Son Gets into Top Choice College

I love when parents send me updates. This message is from Heather in North Carolina who didn’t start homeschooling until the middle of high school!

Midway through my son’s sophomore year, we made the decision to homeschool which was a tough and unexpected change of plans for his high school journey. I was super anxious since he had never homeschooled before and I had no prior personal experience with homeschooling at all… but it has been the best decision we ever made. I never could have predicted how awesome it would be and I only regret not having done it years earlier.

Appalachian State University

This Facebook group was my LIFELINE with unlimited resources and support that got us through all decision points along the way! I am really proud to say that when he graduates this may he will have 37 hours of college credit done! ✅ I am super proud mama…. this has been quite a journey to get to this moment in my son’s homeschool high school life, but then he got the best news last night, hearing that he was accepted to his number one school choice, Appalachian State University!! My heart is full… THANK YOU!

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