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Introducing: Sophia Like a Boss!

New HS4CC class – first time offered! Taught by Jennifer Cook-DeRosa offered on October 18. This registration includes a special BOGO offer. Details below.

Sophia Like: a BOSS! Extract every last credit from Sophia by using resourceful planning and expert scheduling strategies. *BOGO* Register for the October 18th live class and get the Sophia Like a BOSS Self-paced online course for free! ($45)
October 18, 2023 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

Live Course Outline

Note: the live course and self-paced course will differ slightly due to the spontaneous nature of teaching live, but the courses are both designed to cover the same major topics.

  • What is Sophia and how do you use it in a homeschool program?
  • Using Sophia for homeschool vs college credit.
  • Sorting through the best Sophia partner colleges and why.
  • Budgeting and why to avoid their 12 month plan.
  • Why Sophia slows your progress and how to outsmart their roadblocks.
  • How to schedule Sophia alongside DE, CLEP, and homeschool classes.
  • Shortest Sophia courses everyone should consider.
  • Easiest Sophia courses everyone should consider.
  • Best Sophia courses you can bring into your homeschool.
  • My list of Sophia courses you should avoid.
  • Strategic planning: it’s always about the schedule!

When you BUY your ticket to the October 18th class ($45) will GET the self-paced course for FREE ($45).

Everyone who registers will receive the unedited live recording, full downloadable handout, and free enrollment in the self-paced course at HS4CC Academy.

The self-paced course offers several additional short lessons, extra handouts, extra recordings, and printables. Even if you can’t attend, you will still receive content from BOTH events with this offer.

Note: the self-paced course link will be emailed to you after the live event takes place on October 18th.


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