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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…. College Degrees = 0 Debt

Misti K. has served as a Homeschooling for College Credit moderator for our Kentucky Facebook group since 2018. She really is a HS4CC rockstar, and just this year she graduated ANOTHER student debt free! Her daughter, Praise, graduated from Liberty University at age 16. Read Misti’s incredible story below. (and she’s not finished!!)

“I wanted to share that our 16yo daughter, Praise, graduated from Liberty University Friday with her Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on Religion and Social Studies with a minor in Apologetics.

We could not have been more pleased with our experience working with Liberty. She is our 2nd daughter in 2 years to graduate from LU, and they have been so easy to work with!! Neither had a professor that was bad. They were all quick graders and kind.

While I’ll add a disclaimer that I don’t typically think it’s a good idea for kids to graduate this early….in her case, we couldn’t slow her down. She was so focused and loved the process of college classes so much!

She started dual credit at ORU at 13 and later that school year, Sophia offered free classes for Covid, so she took advantage of those classes which saved a lot of time and money. She plans to continue school to get certified as a birth doula over the next few years.

Here is a breakdown of where her credits came from:

Oral Roberts University Dual Credit: 16

Campbellsville University: 26

Liberty University: 33

ACE(Sophia and CSM Course): 45

The total cost of her degree: $14,207.50. (Almost $12K was for Liberty) We could have done this even cheaper if we used one of the “Big 3′ but it was important to us that she has a Christian the extra cost was worth it to us.

Thankful for HS4CC for helping us along the way (and for the beautiful turquoise HS4CC cord she wore for graduation!).

(Previously from Misti in 2022…)

My daughter just finished at Liberty University two weeks ago at 17 years old.
My daughter, a 5th born, started accumulating college credits in 9th grade. She started with studycom and then dove into dual credit. When Covid hit and Sophia was free, we focused on that for quite a while that summer and fall. We ended up using a number of different colleges to get the classes that interested her and that she would need for a degree at Liberty. (many science classes as well as Mandarin Chinese etc.) She did dual credit at 5 different colleges during high school because that’s what worked. 😀
She also used a few different ACE providers as well (Study, Sophia, Straighterline,etc).
She enjoyed the challenge and liked feeling that all her effort was working towards a degree and not just a high school class she would have to later repeat. She graduated this month with a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies with focuses in Global Studies and Natural Science (her 2 passions.) She would like to be a missionary to Asia one day.
I just calculated the approximate cost for her entire degree (120 credits). $13,992. (That was spread out over 4 years)
Some of her older siblings were able to accomplish this cheaper ($9K and $10K through Thomas Edison State University), but we really wanted her to have a Christian focus since she was interested in Global Studies and Missions. We have been SO incredibly happy with Liberty. So wonderful to work with and the teachers have been some of the best we’ve encountered anywhere.
I know it’s helpful to see a success story and see what it looks like, though each student’s story is so different. She is my 5th child to graduate college, but each of them is so very different from the rest to fit what works for them!

(Previously from Misti …..)

“My daughter is an official college graduate! Her Bachelor of Arts in English from Thomas Edison State University was conferred today! She got her first 3 credits 5 yrs ago the day before she turned 14 from a CLEP test. That motivated her to keep going! She’s our 2nd child to graduate from Thomas Edison State University at 18. Take the leap with your first CLEP/DSST or dual credit class. You can do it too!!

Bachelor of Arts in English

Both kids graduated debt-free.

When asked about career opportunities, Misti replied

“My older son got a BA from TESU and then was accepted into a Master’s Degree program at Bellevue University in Cybersecurity. He was immediately offered a job in a computer security/auditing firm upon graduation. My daughter wanted the degree because it opens doors for her and gives her credentials to teach. She would like to teach classes online/in person to homeschoolers in writing, or possibly even VIP Kids (English to Chinese children) which requires a BA. In our county, you can be a substitute teacher with a Bachelors as well. So she has a lot of opportunities just because of having this degree.”

(previously from Misti…)

I wanted to encourage anyone thinking of earning some college credits in homeschool to just jump in. You will save so much time and money!

I’m reading “Homeschooling for College Credit” and wanted to encourage everyone to grab a copy. It is an amazing reference! It would have made my journey a lot easier to not have to figure it all out on my own. This book explains the whole process so well. And like Jennifer says, that even if your teen earns just 1 college credit, they’re ahead!!!


Here are the highlights of Misti’s fantastic Homeschooling for College Credit “resume” of her teen’s and their debt free degrees. Each student is unique, with their own strengths, gifts, talents, and goals. I love how Misti customized each of her homeschooling programs to serve each student uniquely.

Student #1) Thomas Edison State University, Bachelor’s degree at 18 then Bellevue University Cybersecurity Master’s degree at age 21.

Student #2) Full scholarship to Campbellsville University for Music education.

Student #3) Thomas Edison State University, Bachelor’s’ Degree in English at age 18.

Student #4) Associates degree at 18 in Visual Communication & Multimedia.

Student #5) Liberty University at age 17 with Bachelor of Arts.

Student #6) Liberty University at age 16 with Bachelor of Arts.

All debt free at graduation. 4 more to go😁


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