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November Classes

We have an amazing lineup of Homeschooling for College Credit learning opportunities this month! The best way to learn how to Homeschool for College Credit is by taking advantage of our live and pre-recorded events. There are a dozen opportunities between now and the end of the year for you start, grow, or finish your HS4CC program in 2024!

LIVE EVENTS in November

11/05/2023HS4CC Q&A Hour with Jennifer.
No agenda- always a great opportunity to ask us anything! Free to attend but registration is required/attendance is capped. (Free)
2:00pm – 3:00pm EST
11/08/2023Thomas Edison State University Info Session.
TESU is a HS4CC-friendly university that accepts all of your teen’s CLEP, Dual Enrollment, Sophia, Studycom, and more! Learn how you can use your existing college credit to earn an affordable degree at TESU. Co-hosted by TESU. (free)
10:00am – 11:00am EST
11/26/2023Welcome to Homeschooling for College Credit. Learn what resourceful high school planning can do for your homeschool program and how it stretches even the smallest college budget. This overview session is for every parent who is new to HS4CC. (Free)
2:00pm – 3:00pm EST


HS4CC Mini Course. Short and sweet introduction to resourceful high school planning and Homeschooling for College Credit. (Free)Learn Now
Help me START! The best step is to start. “Picking winners” is the critical first step to building your successful Homeschooling for College Credit plan. It can be an overwhelming sea of opportunities, but we’re going to help you START right now! (Free)Learn Now
Build the HS4CC Transcript Template. The Homeschooling for College Credit template is the perfect template to house your teen’s high school and college credit. From a blank page to a fully customized template in a 1/2 hour. You can follow along using MS Word, Google Docs, or Open Office. (Free)Learn Now
Recording Dual Enrollment on the Transcript. This course will teach you how to clearly and accurately record dual enrollment titles, credits, and grades. We’ll also explore the question of weighted and unweighted DE grades. (Free)Learn Now
Calculating High School Credit. What exactly is a high school credit? Is it 120 hours? What about honors? What about CLEP exams and dual enrollment? This course teaches you the right ways to calculate and record homeschool high school credits with confidence. ($45)Learn Now
The BIG Transcript Intensive. Are you struggling to understand how to create the perfect homeschool transcript for your teen with high school and college credit? Our signature BIG Transcript Course is the only course you’ll ever need. You’ll learn the critical rationale behind “why” and “how” for each component on your teen’s transcript. This unique approach helps you develop intuition you can trust in new and unfamiliar situations. ($45)Learn Now
You can browse our full HS4CC Catalog of courses at HS4CC Academy!


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