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Happy Story Update from 2019: Theresa’s Daughter

In 2019 we celebrated with Theresa. This was her announcement post:

“This is our daughter!  Graduating high school a year early 3.9  GPA with 39 college credits.  You can do this!  She is not naturally brilliant.  She worked hard– prioritized— waited to take the SAT/ACT so she could focus on her grades and dual enrollment classes through Belhaven University.”

Homeschool Graduate with 39 college credits and a passion for serving.

Ali launches a charity for her “gap year” that donates 100% of all profits to Soundview Pregnancy Center. This passion fills her time, and makes a nice financial donation before she enrolls in her degree program.

The 2020 update….

College Graduate at age 20!!

Theresa writes

“My daughter just graduated college with her bachelors degree in three years. She took the minimum credits each semester so that she could enjoy the experience and not be overwhelmed. Going in, she transferred 30 credits from CLEP, dual enrollment, and (ACE). She never felt stressed about not taking more classes since all of her GenEds were done.

This group helped me maneuver the entire process…. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. Now she will go on for her masters degree… too bad there aren’t ways to circumvent the system for grad school!”

Today 2023 update…

The road has had its struggles– things always look better on Facebook–but God is good. Theresa’s daughter is now working on her Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, so that she can work with Autistic (Neurodivergent) children. She is in the process of giving Lifeboxes, her non-profit, to another homeschooler.

THANK YOU!! We love these updates and everyone who takes the time to send them in. We celebrate these successes and struggles right there with you!


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit

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