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Best Statistics Class?

Many college degrees require a basic course in statistics. The more popular majors that require this course include psychology and science, but those of you with grad school plans will most certainly need a stats course!

Has your teen taken a stats course? Did they earn college credit? This is an opportunity to share the course/exam you used an whether or not you recommend it.

I will share my personal stats feedback. I needed stats credit for grad school admissions. I started with ALEKS and after several months of trying, I just couldn’t push past 50%. So many steps in many stats problems, and it’s easy to make a math error, I felt like the exacting nature of ALEKS was working against me. I turned to Khan Academy and used their playlist for Statistics and Probability working every video/every practice problem. I also watched the full free video series called Against All Odds over at My goal was to improve my chances of finishing ALEKS, but before I returned to ALEKS I took the DSST Statistics exam and passed with flying colors! So for *me, I’m a fan of DSST over ALEKS.

Since then, I’ve heard great things about the company courses. They are ACE credit, but the big distinguishing factor is that they are LIVE and TAUGHT. No self-study, you actually are in a class with a real professor who can help you succeed.

ALEKS Math (subscription/college credit)

DSST Exams (pay per exam/college credit) (pay per course/college credit) *use code HS4CC for discount Against All Odds (free learning video course)

Khan Academy Statistics and Probability (free learning course)


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