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8 Colleges Offering FREE DE this Spring

8 regionally accredited colleges and universities are offering 1 or more free dual enrollment course that your HS4CC teen can sign up for spring semester! Your teen can live in any state and participate as a distance learning student. Most are open to those in 11th or 12th grade, but a few are open to any grade. You’ll find general education, business, electives, and computer courses!

Dual Enrollment on a Budget

  • 12th graders can register for up to 26 free college credits this semester!
  • 8 regionally accredited colleges are offering free DE this semester!
  • Guide includes free alternative credit options too!

Highlights from the guide:

Clackamas Community College (Oregon)

Open to students living in all 50 states. There are no textbooks for these courses. Students may enroll during any grade. Only the following 2 courses are tuition-free. Students attend remotely. The courses are not self-paced.

LIB 101: Library Research, 1 credit Enrollment Link

WR 128: Intro. to APA Style and Documentation, 1 credit ($19 registration fee). Prerequisite English Composition 1 with a grade of e “C” or better. Enrollment Link

HS4CC Recommended ScheduleFallSpringSummer
Any Grade1 credit course1 credit course

California Baptist University (California)

This course does not have a registration fee. Students are responsible for the cost of textbooks. Enrollment is limited to 1 free college course total taken anytime from 10th through 12th grades. (Summer session after 12th grade is excluded) The maximum free allowance is 3 “units” (credits) in total. All students attend remotely. These courses are not self-paced. Enrollment Link

HS4CC Recommended ScheduleFallSpringSummer
10th -12th Grades1 course


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