Media Packet (2023)

Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, M.S., Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit

Micro influencer with exceptional 32% average engagement rate!


Jennifer’s professional work inside the system for 20 years inspired her to start advocating for parents outside the system in 2012.

As the founder of Homeschooling for College Credit, Inc., Jennifer brings leadership experience from her background as a college administrator, student advisor, faculty member/department chair, and homeschooling parent to the organization.

Jennifer serves as the volunteer Executive Director of HS4CC. She generously gives her time helping tens of thousands of homeschooling families earn affordable college credit every year.

Jennifer’s warm and inspirational teaching style helps parents understand complex topics in simple language.

Jennifer and her husband have 4 sons, all homeschooled since Day 1. Their sons all began earning college credit in high school, and collectively her family has 11 degrees from 8 different colleges…with a few more coming in 2023 and 2024!

Homeschool Specialist | Former College Administrator | Strategic advisor to universities on homeschooling | Non-traditional college credit expert | Homeschool Advisory Committee Member on multiple boards.

Jennifer’s Speaking Fee

  • PRO BONO (remote): Free events hosted by non-profit organizations.
  • REGULAR RATE (remote): $250 per hour.
  • REGULAR RATE (live in person): $250 per hour plus expenses.


“Jennifer is that rare combination of someone who is highly knowledgeable about complex issues, yet able to simply explain those issues to people who are new to them. Her breadth of understanding about homeschooling and non-traditional college credit is formidable, and she should be considered one of the top experts in these areas.” –College President 

“Jennifer is a leading authority on homeschooling for college credit. Jennifer understands the highly complex and ambiguous systems that connect homeschool learners and families to college and university learning opportunities throughout our nation. As a thought leader, she has nurtured and supported a large community of homeschooled families and successfully pointed them to resources that help them achieve their goals. She is an exceptional thinker and collaborator.” University Provost

Speaking Topics

The presentation I create for your event will be unique and especially focused on your demographic. Presentations are always appropriate for audiences of all ages, and political, or religious affiliations. 

Below are examples of exciting and engaging topics I’ve delivered to other homeschool and professional audiences. 

  • Homeschooling for College Credit
  • 7 Keys to Resourceful High School Planning
  • Bring College Credit into Your Homeschool
  • The A, B, and C’s of Paying Cash for College
  • Evaluating CLEP, AP, and Dual Enrollment for Your Family.
  • How to Bring CLEP Exams into your Homeschool- the Easy Way!
  • Maxing out CLEP Credit in your Homeschool
  • 30 College Credits for Free
  • Using Dual Enrollment in your Homeschool
  • Transcript Essentials for the Homeschool Family