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Everything to help HS4CC parents generate a transcript perfectly, professionally, and with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

There Are Many Ways We Can Help You

1. Ask your question in our Transcript Support Facebook group. (FREE) This is our preference for most questions so our volunteers can help others by answering your question. Our Facebook groups are free and open to everyone.  Join Group

2. Email Jennifer Cook-DeRosa. (FREE) If your question has personal or private aspects to it that you prefer not to ask in the Facebook group,   Jennifer is happy to answer your basic questions over email.

3. Build a HS4CC high school template in our mini-class. (FREE) We can teach you how to build the best template for holding high school and college credits on one page. Most “homeschool” templates have too much going on, and are too “creative.” Why waste your money subscribing to a transcript service that “kinda’ works when you can make a perfect transcript for free? This short 30-minute class will take you from a blank page to a complete template that can easily hold all your high school and college credits.  The steps work with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Open Office. The class is available to anyone in our community 365 days per year at HS4CC Academy. Take the class

4. Learn the basics of GPA calculation in our mini-class. (FREE) You’ll get a quick rundown on whether to use a weighted or unweighted GPA, and how to use my favorite GPA calculator. Included are 2 printable GPA charts (weighted/unweighted) a blank template and 3 samples. Take the class

5. Recording Dual Enrollment on the Transcript mini-class. (FREE) This 1-hour course teaches you the best way to document graded college courses on a homeschool transcript. You’ll learn how to record the course titles, assign letter grades and credits, calculate weighted GPA, and cite the college properly in the footer. Includes lots of samples. Take the class

6. The Big Transcript Class. ($45) This class is frequently taught live over Zoom each semester, but is also available 365 days per year on demand as a self-paced course. This course covers “everything” you need to know about HS4CC transcripts! (outline follows) Take the class

7. Hire one of our experts immediately. ($80) If you have an urgent need or want your transcript written FOR YOU for any reason, we can usually do this for you in under 48 hours. Reach out to Jennifer directly to discuss.

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