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Class of 2024

Homeschooling for College Credit parents- we have a special Facebook group just for you! Join our new Class of 2024 group! This is a special group for those of you looking for answers to your time sensitive questions. Looking to chat about financial aid, application cycles, scholarships, choosing colleges, or other pressing concerns this year? Us too! This is YOUR group! Connect with other parents and develop your exit strategy with other parents just like you. (Class of 2025 coming soon!)

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12 CLEPs Approved Through 2027

If your teen is taking an exam or a course from CLEP, we watch for expiration dates. (I’m currently watching a huge list of CLEPs for expiration this year) But, there are 12 exams that are approved through 2027! That doesn’t mean CLEP “can’t” make a change, but it does give us a level of confidence that these exams will be around for a good long time!

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Jennifer’s Story

I published my inspiration story in 2018 in the 2nd edition of Homeschooling for College Credit. December marks our Homeschooling for College Credit anniversary, so I always like to read it and remind myself of the early frustration that built Homeschooling for College Credit- it’s easy for me to forget those early challenges. I hope you enjoy it.

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UPDATE: CLEP Watch List 11/30/23 Pushed back

If you’re following the big list of CLEP exams set to expire on 11/30/23 (yesterday) be aware that the expiration was PUSHED BACK to 12/31/2023. Between now and then we hope to see a renewal, but if we don’t, it’s possible that they won’t be worth college credit at your target college. Read more for details.

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December Scholarship Opportunities

Children as young as fourth and fifth grade are included in some of the opportunities listed this month. There area also specific opportunities for military families, students that have attended AWANA for 2+ years, and some scholarships that include non-credit classes, as well as technical schools. I hope you find this list helpful, good luck!

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Parent Question: Is there a way to get college credit without the internet? We live in a rural area and the internet is spotty at best.

Answer: This is a great question, and for those of us old enough to remember a time before the internet, it’s crazy to think that we live in a world where we have become so dependent on technology! I can think of 4 ways to get college credit without access to the internet (during high school and after).

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Getting IN is Getting Easier

Colleges strive to convey an aura of elitism, a carefully curated image of exclusivity. That’s not on accident. Colleges love it when you’re in awe. It drives enrollment. Behind the smoke and mirrors, colleges are struggling to meet enrollment numbers. One by one, states are implementing guaranteed admissions, shhhhhh……

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Black Friday Deals: College Credit on Sale

A handful of college credit Black Friday deals are making their way to my inbox! I’ll keep this page updated if I find others. Please send me any you find, and we’ll make a nice list for our community!

Straighterline Buy One Course Get One Course Free. (This has a value of about $59. You’ll need to either have an active $99 membership or purchase one to use this deal) Straighterline courses are computer-based (no teacher, but courses with homework will have a human grader) and result in pass/fail ACE college credit. Limit one per person. Valid now, expires on 11.28.2023 at 11:59 pm EST.

Outlier Save 40% off college courses when you sign up with your email address. (Regular courses cost $597, it is unclear if this works for multiple courses). Outlier courses are graded college credit and open to any age. Valid now, expires on November 28, 2023. Save 30% off 3 months of the College Saver Plan (formerly called College Accelerator). The current price is $235/month. (This has a value of $211). courses are computer-based (no teacher, courses with homework will have a human grader) and result in pass/fail ACE college credit. Limited to new accounts only. Valid no. No expiration date.

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8 Colleges Offering FREE DE this Spring

8 regionally accredited colleges and universities are offering 1 or more free dual enrollment course that your HS4CC teen can sign up for spring semester! Your teen can live in any state and participate as a distance learning student. Most are open to those in 11th or 12th grade, but a few are open to any grade. You’ll find general education, business, electives, and computer courses!

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Accepted! Which College to Choose?

As your teen’s college acceptance letters start to come in, your family may be trying to decide between several good options. Normally we talk about choice based on using credit, saving money, or debt, but in today’s post, I’m bringing you some data that gives you one more thing to watch out for: “reach” colleges.

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